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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Playground Politics

My heart already goes out for my kids and all the crap they are going to have to deal with growing up. My motherly instinct is to protect them from getting hurt but I know it's not possible and it's just part of growing up. But if I could I would.

We were at the playground and there were a group of kids there from the after school program. So they were older than Dylan and all knew each other. Dylan stood there watching them in awe for awhile. I could tell by the look on his face, he wanted to be a part of their game. So I encouraged him to go play with them.

He was hesitant at first. Staying close to the pack but not engaging, waiting for the right opportunity to join in the fun. Finally, he worked up the courage to start running with them. I focused my attention on Camryn, scaling the rock wall.

When I looked to Dylan again, he was on the outs, watching as the group ran past. He slowly walked over to me and I knew immediately what had happened. He told me that when he asked if he could play with them, one little girl said no. His chin started to quiver and I could see how hard he was trying to hold in his tears. I wanted to grab him in my arms and comfort him while he cried. I wanted that little girl to see how she had hurt his feelings and I wanted to give her a piece of my mind.

But I knew this was just one small incident of the many to come in the process of growing up. So I fought the urge to coddle and decided to teach him the tools he would need to survive the social realm of school.

We started playing tag too. But I amped it up a bit by weaving in and out of the swings, climbing over the playscape and sliding down the slides. It was like an obstacle course and Dylan was laughing as he tried to catch me. Soon we had the attention of two kids that were Dylan's age. Without even asking, they just jumped right in and started chasing us. After awhile, I quietly dropped out and watched as Dylan happily outran his new playmates.

They played for the rest of time we were at the playground. From talking to one of the mom's, I found out that the little girl would be attending Kindergarten with Dylan in the Fall. I pointed this fun fact out to the kids and explained to Dylan how next year he would have all his classmate on the playground with him, just like at pre-school.

When it was time to go, Dylan was reluctant to say good-bye to his new friend. So the little girl gave him a hug and claimed him as her boyfriend!!! That's a whole other kind of hurt I won't be able to protect them from. But I was happy that Dylan left the playground confident, knowing he can make friends.

Lesson on the day: When someone doesn't want to play with you, there is always someone that does!

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