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Friday, June 25, 2010

Apicking we will go

After a crazy busy work week (hence no new blogs,) I am finally able to relax and enjoy my kids again.My best friend from college and her family have invaded for the week! We only get to see each other once a year, so I'm ecstatic they are here! I'm not working, nothing is getting done on the house, we are basically on vacation! Since they are from Ohio, they want to have a taste of New England.

Day#1: Guilford - my hometown
What could be more New England then Pick Your Own at the local orchard! We headed to the berry patch and picked/ate our little hearts out!

The kids loved finding the perfect strawberries hiding amongst the leaves

One for the basket more for me....
The loot

I was born and raised in Guilford and the best way to give them a feel for the town was to take them to the Green. We had a picnic lunch, got candy at the Chocolatier and let the kids run around in the grass.

Boys on one side, girl on the other
Camryn proves she can hang with the boys

First day of their stay was a success and now I think they know why I love my hometown so much! Next on their list, the beach, a lobster roll and some fireworks. Stay tuned for more of the adventures with the Gross family!

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