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Sunday, June 6, 2010


I bought the kids new soap the other day and marketing to kids definitely pays off. Camryn had to have the pink bottle with all the princesses on it, who she does it even know. Dylan didn't want a girl soap and it wouldn't be fair if Camryn got to pick the soap so we had to purchase the "boy" bottle as well.

Later in the bathtub, I washed each the kids with their new respective soaps. Camryn loved the pink soap so much she wanted to do it herself. After lathering half the bottle on her little body, she didn't want me to wash it off. She liked being pink.

In an effort to calm her down, Dylan said: "But Camryn after mommy washes it off, you'll smell like PINK!!"

Sold...she bought it and I was able to rinse her off. Big brother to the rescue!

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