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Friday, June 11, 2010

Wilderness Woman

I am not!!!

Dylan is having my nephew sleepover tonight and all he wanted to do with him was make smore's in our fire pit. So I grabbed all the ingredients from the kitchen and the kids went on a marshmallow stick hunt. I couldn't find our grill lighter anywhere but I managed to scrounge up a few matches. I took some sheets of newspaper out of the recycling bin and headed to the patio.

The first match, I lit some paper on fire and threw it into the pit. It quickly burned to nothing and the was no more fire. The second match I lit two pieces of newspaper and strategically placed them amongst the logs and again no fire. The third match I broke and the last one ended in pretty much the same fashion.

The kids were getting restless and I could feel the pressure. I had watched Survivor enough to know all you needed was a flint, some straw and sticks, so why couldn't a produce a fire when I had all the necessary elements???

Feeling defeated, I went over to the neighbor's to borrow a grill lighter. Armed with constant fire, I couldn't fail. But all I could ignite was the newspaper. By now the kids could sense that smore's were not in their future. I quickly lit a pile of paper and told them to hurry up and toast the marshmallow before it burned out. Here are the responses I got:

"It's just gonna go out again!"
"Mine has all that black stuff stuck to it!"
"This isn't working....my marshmallow is cold."
"Mine too...how is the chocolate going to melt?"

Camryn was the only happy one who had broke into the chocolate stash while I was busy tending to the fire and had practically consumed it all.

That's when I yelled:

"Popcorn and movies on the couch!!!"

Simultaneously, the boys dropped their sticks and ran towards the house!

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