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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Big Girl Day

After sleeping in a big girl bed all week long on vacation, Camryn was not happy about being put back in her crib. She expressed her unhappiness by safely exiting her crib until I was so tired of putting her back, I let her fall asleep on our bed.

So it was time to purchase a big girl bed. We woke up early, made the trek to IKEA and purchased the bed that matched her new dresser. She picked out pretty new sheets at Target and to keep with the theme of the day, a new big girl pink potty!

To save us some money, we took my old mattress from my parents house and headed home to put it all together. The kids were eager to help assemble the bed, which made the process take a little bit longer. Once we had it all together it was time to put on the mattress. The kids anxiously awaited to test out the jumping quality of Camryn's new bed. But when we went to put the mattress on, it didn't fit!!! We had purchased a queen size bed and planned on buying a double.

Needless to say I had to take the entire thing apart and try to repackage it to appear as if it had never been assembled. However, there were wooden dowels stuck in holes and the box barely held all the contents after the kids claimed it their fort. So as not to disappoint Camryn, I put her new sheets on the mattress and she was able to sleep/jump on that until the next day when we got the right size bed frame!

Her pink potty purchase kind of went the same way. Although potties are one size fits all, kids learn at all different times and paces. Potty training Dylan was such a process, I swore I wasn't trying with Camryn until she was 6!!! She picked it out at the store on her own and I figured if she wanted to use it every once in awhile that was fine. But I was not attempting to potty train her!

Much to my surprise, she went pee on the thing almost all day long. She carried it from room to room, even up the stairs, so it was always with her if she had to go. One time she peed but forgot to take her undies down. Fine, I changed the undies, easy enough. The last potty trip of the night she peed and then flip the entire thing upside down on Dylan's rug to use it as a stool to get on his bed. Not wanting to clean up any accidents, I've insisted the potty stay in the bathroom and that she still wear a diaper until further notice!

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  1. yay i love when my google reader tells me you have a new post :) you're such a good writer, brooke!