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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Camryn now does the old Harry Houdini out of her crib. I excepted when the day came I would hear a loud thump and be alerted to the fact that there was an escapee on the loose. But she waited until she was able to master the trick.

I heard a pitter patter of footsteps and immediately suspected Dylan. Followed by his unmistakable laughter, I knew I would find him in her crib. The shock must have been apparent on my face when I found her snuggled up with him in his big boy bed.

Curious to know the secret behind her escape, I asked her to show me.

"Otay! I doed this (one leg over) and this (other leg over) and slide down!"

She has mastered it alright and now I was in trouble. I was having flash backs of sitting outside Dylan's room threatening to close the door when he was learning to stay in his new bed. I enjoy my peace and quiet at night. It's me time...me and a bowl of ice cream time. I don't want to have to go through this all over again.

Well it's been three nights of fighting with her to stay in her crib. The battle lasts until she is too exhausted to climb out anymore and I'm too frustrated to even try to enjoy the rest of my night.

I guess it's time for a big girl bed. Which on one hand, I am excited about because it will complete her new room. All matching furniture and a fun new comforter. But the battle it's going to be tough. So when we get back from vacation next week, I'm going into the trenches. It's big girl bed boot camp time!!!

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