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Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of Vacation Blues

The thing that sucks about vacations is that they end! And in the blink of an eye, it's like you were never even gone. Everyday life kicks in and the relaxation, uninterrupted family time and responsibility-free days are just a distant memory.

We came back from Disney with only a few fleeting days of summer left. No matter how hard I tried to hang on to them, they spilled away and I now find myself so unprepared for what's coming next.

Dylan is off the kindergarten and all my doubts about sending him are resurfacing. Luckily, he is super excited and making the transition easier on me. I swear if he cries when I drop him off, even for a second, I'm going to snatch him up and run out of the building, not to look back until next September!!!

It's bizarre to think that we are already in the next stage of parenting. Instead of filling his days with play dates and toddler activities, his day will consist of school and I'll only be left with homework and mealtimes to worry about. I need to switch gears from being the activity organizer to being the chauffeur to the activities.

My life is about to change dramatically and I feel like I'm watching from the outside

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