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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I survived

the first day of kindergarten!!

Dylan was super excited and woke up at 6:00 am ready to go to school. He picked out his first day of school outfit, I packed his snack, he put on his backpack, hopped on his bike and we rode to school. I walked him to his room and he barely looked back.

When I picked him up he had a grin from ear to ear. He was eager to go again this morning and has lots to tell me when he gets home. He is anxious for school to be all day so that he can start going to his specials, like gym and art class. I hope the enthusiasm lasts all year long!

At his screening this afternoon, he managed to make all of my fears about his readiness disappear. He was able to perform all the required elements and if he wasn't certain, he paused to think about it and then confidently repsonsed with the correct anwer. His teacher told me and has a great "jump start" on kindergarten!!! He made me so proud and a little guiltly for ever doubting his abilities.

Camryn on the other hand, is not taking him going to school so well. She cries when we drop him off and begs me to let her stay too! I think once she gets used to 100% of my attention, playing what she wants and not having to share her toys, she'll get over it pretty quickly. We start swimming lessons on Friday and music class at the library next week. I give it a month or so before she's like: "Dylan? Who's Dylan?"

I'm so grateful that the transition was easy and so proud of what a big kid Dylan is turning into. I think he has a great year ahead of him!

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