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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Household Chores

With all the construction going on in my house, I have to admit I've been slacking on cleaning because it just gets dirty again. I mean really, why mop the floors when they are going to be replaced? So I do the minimum: vacuuming and surface cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen.

But with the family coming over for Dylan's birthday party, I knew the house needed a good scrubbing. My husband has heard me complaining about the mess the addition is making and how unmotivated I am to even attempt to keep it clean. And not that he has many household chores to begin with, but his main focus has been working on the addition. So I have been left to do all the cleaning myself, I even took over mowing the lawn!

It was time for the "just because I stay home with the kids all day does not mean it's my job to do the laundry, make the food, do the dishes and clean the house!" talk. Let's face it ladies, we know we've all given the speech with little response. But this time it worked!!!

I was upstairs frantically scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming when I came downstairs to find my husband vigorously cleaning the kitchen. He had taken everything off the counter to wipe behind things, cleaned the inside and outside of the microwave and even removed the crumbs from the toaster oven!!!

But that's not all, the best part was he was sporting an apron...no, not to keep his clothes clean rather to show me how he would prefer I dress when I clean the house!

He may not be great at household chores but he can always make me laugh!

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