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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The princess and the frog

Dylan can catch anything. Fish, worms and frogs to little boys running on the playground. He even caught one of those tiny really fast geckos on vacation! So whenever we stumble upon a usually slimy little creature, he needs to catch it.

To his delight, there was a frog in our yard and so the quest to catch it began. But it wasn't your typical backyard frog. It was RED! We've never seen a red frog, except for the ones at the zoo. So naturally John, Camryn and I wanted to get a closer look.

Camryn, however, does not like to hold these creatures that her brother catches. But she does love to look at them and talk to them in her quietess, most high pitched, how small creatures like to be talked to, voice!

But as Camryn got a little too close for her brother's liking, he yelled:

"Camryn, don't kiss it, it might be poisonous!"

John now wants him to accompany her on her first date, using those exact words!

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