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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mommy and Me Time

Since the start of kindergarten, my time with Dylan has significantly decreased. I miss him when he is at school and by the time he gets home, there is only a little time to play before dinner and bedtime routine.

A few weeks ago while reading together before bedtime, he asked me if we could have some special time alone together. He pointed out that I'm always alone with Camryn but never with him. My heart melted on the spot. I didn't realize that he noticed and felt horrible. But at the same time I was glad he missed our time together. We headed down to the calendar to schedule a date immediately.

Our date was Saturday to the new Science Center. We headed out first thing in the morning. I pulled out all the stops to make sure he knew he had 110% of my attention. No music, just car games on the way up there. I left my cell phone in the car when we arrived at the museum, so there would be no distractions or interruption. These were our only plans for the day, so there was no time limit and I never once rushed him through an exhibit.

What kids doesn't love to play in the water

The more we danced the more the colors moved

A new kind of basketball

Space exploration....by far Dylan's favorite of the day

His best fastball....16 mph....MLB here we come!

A sweet treat to end a sweet day!!

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