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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reason # 28

why I hate hunting!

John went rabbit hunting the other morning and brought one home to make stew with. Fine...at least he eats what he kills.

But could you dispose of the remains a little better. Dylan called up to me this morning: "Mom, there is a dead animal in our playroom!"

My initial thought was how is that possible. Well it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out once I went downstairs. Our new french doors were blown wide open. (That should really help our heating bill!!!) So our dog was able to go in and out at her leisure throughout the night. She sniffed out her father's catch and brought it in to have her go with it.

A furry, bloody rabbit carcase on my new rug, is not my idea of a good start to my day. My kids stood frozen, bug eyes glued to me as I disposed of it. I used some Resolve on the carpet but I'm pretty sure it doesn't list those kinds of stains on the back of the bottle!