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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The other half

Last night we got to see how the other half live.

Our friends let us tag along to a charity event and it was the most extravagant Christmas party I have ever seen in my life!!!

We pulled into the 18 acre estate on the water to see 3 huge tents decorated with lights. Life size Nutcrackers guarded the entrance as the smells and sounds of the holiday season enveloped you as you entered the heated tents.

The main tent was more elegantly decorated than any wedding I have ever been to. Lanterns hung from the ceiling, tables were draped with silver silk linens and real trees donned lights. The shrimp cocktail was served in a sleigh shaped ice sculpture, there was a made to order sushi bar and a fabulous spread of any type of food you could imagine.

The second tent was for the kids. Tables were lined with lollipops, Christmas trees were decorated with candy and stars twinkled on the ceiling. Santa was giving out presents, each child could make a Build-a-Bear and there were photographers that could make you into a flip book. There was a popcorn machine, hot dog stand and enough mac and cheese to sink a ship.

The band stopped playing to send everyone outside for the tree lighting. On the way out each guest was handed a green or red fleece blanket and flashlight. We snuggled up while waiting for the tree to be lit. OH and then....it started to snow!!!! They made snow just for extra ambiance. Once the tree was on, carolers got us into the Christmas spirit.

Back in the kids tent, a magician entertained us while we stayed wrapped in our new blankets. Dessert was a dream. Flowing hot cocoa and spiced cider. From gingerbread men, cupcakes, rice crispy treats and chocolate covered strawberries to chocolate dipped marshmallows and whoppie pies!

The band played on as the kids sugar rush wore off and we headed home. Golf carts escorted us back to our cars and then kids were asleep within minutes. It was a magical night and one we won't soon forget!!!

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