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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Birthday party politics

I didn't know birthday parties were already a popularity contest in kindergarten!!

The good thing about Dylan's birthday being in September is that we don't have to invite his whole class because he doesn't really know them yet. So far the parties he has been invited to have been his entire class. Not being familiar with protocol, these parties led me to believe that is the kosher thing to do.

So just to make conversation while waiting for my teacher conference, I asked a mom if they would be attending the party we were going to this weekend.

Wrong thing to say!!! It was as if I had punched her in the gut and knocked the wind out of her. Not only did she proceed to tell me that her son was not invited and how much he would love to go, she began grilling me about party details! When did I get the invite, where was it and at what time. Trying to be as vague as possible, I told her I would have to look at my invitation.

Luckily the teacher called me in for my conference and I was saved! For the moment: As I exited the classroom, in true elementary school style, she passed me a note. She had scribbled her e-mail address and asked for the other mom 's phone number so she could have a talk with her!

Of course I blantantly disregarded her demands and instead gave the other mom a heads up on what I had sent her way. Only a few months into school and I'm already causing trouble. I better be careful with my big mouth or Dylan's going to be the one not invited to any parties!!

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