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Monday, December 6, 2010

Midnight snack

Well it wasn't exactly midnight....

We had a jam packed day. My sister had a gingerbread decorating party. So the kids were hopped up on frosting and candy just in time for our town's tree lighting. Needless to say, all the fun and excitement, as well as crashing from their sugar high, the kids were ready for bed early.

Dylan fell asleep while we were reading and Camryn looked content sucking her thumb when I walked out of her room. With the kids in bed so early, I had enough energy to squeeze in a little run before I tackled the dinner dishes. So I jumped on my treadmill and searched my DVR recordings for something to entertain me along my run.

The noise of the treadmill and the elevated volume of my television, keeps me from hearing the kids. But Dylan rarely gets out of bed and when Camryn does, she comes into my room to see what kind of fun she is missing out on. But again, they were exhausted from the day, so I wasn't expecting to hear a peep.

Feeling good I extended my run and kept on trekking for an hour. Now all I needed was a tall glass of ice water. But I got more than what I bargained for when I got downstairs. Camryn had crept downstairs for an after bedtime snack. She pulled a dining room chair across the kitchen to climb up on the counter. And there she sat, happily eating all the candy off her gingerbread house!!!

I have no idea how long she was down there but by the looks of her bare gingerbread house, I'd say I wasn't even a mile into my run by the time she had all the gumdrop shingles off the roof.

I think I need one of those alarms that beeps when someone walks out the door, except for the kids bedrooms!

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