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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I think I'll take a moment

to celebrate my age. The ending of an era, the turning of a page. (Tim McGraw)

The big 3-0 is less than a week away and I'm actually excited!!! My 20's were a huge decade for me. I was seriously busy! Here is a list of all the things I accomplished in my 20's:

* Graduated college
* Started a career
* Got a dog
* Bought a house
* Got married
* had a baby
* gave up my career
* had another baby
* endured 5 years of parenting

I feel like 30 supports my stage of life better than the 20's. I sometimes feel extremely younger than some of the other moms I encounter at Dylan's school. I've been probed with questions that would reveal my true age without them directly asking me. So I'm embracing 30!! I'm going to say things like: "Well when I was in my 20's..." just so people know I'm older, more knowledgeable and more experienced!

The way I look at it, my 20's produced some big events and changes in my life. My 30's are going to be spent enjoying all those things!


  1. First, I LOVE that song... it has been my theme song of the year. And second, you have accomplished so much my dear! Congratulations, and happy almost birthday!!

  2. i love that song!!! one of my faves :)

    i have some catching up to do with you!! happy early birthday :)