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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Mishaps

The Martha Stewart in my really comes out around Valentine's Day. I don't know why I can't bring myself to just purchase store bought ones at the store that only require Dylan to sign his name. But every year I have to make a week long project out of constructing our own. Thanks to all the projects he does at school, Dylan was able to do most of these himself. Cutting out the paper was a synch, he is a pro at signing his name and he eagerly manned the glue gun!

These are the rocket ships he chose this year:

I kept them in the playroom where we were working on them thinking nothing of it. But forgot what a chocoholic Camryn is. After a suspiciously long stretch of quietness, I went looking for her. Only to find all the Hershey's kisses ripped off Dylan's valentines and Camryn hiding in the toy closet with the evidence smeared all over her face!! Luckily Dylan was at school and I was able to fix them before he was any the wiser.

In addition to his valentines, I volunteered to bake a snack for his party at school. So I enlisted the best bakers I know. Not only did they snitch more M&M's then went into the bars we were baking, but Camryn used a little too much gusto when it came time to mix the dry ingredients into the wet ones!

My favorite part about this Hallmark holiday though, is now Dylan makes me valentine's at school! And this year's will be hard to beat!

Of course it made me tear up but the funny thing is, Dylan now looks for that to gauge how much I like his projects!!

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