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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New addition

According to Camryn, we have a new addition to the family! Her name is sister, only Camryn can see her and she fits in the palm of her hand. Sister usually only comes out when Dylan is at school but has become a common playmate.

Sister accompanies us to the grocery store and has to sit in the front of the cart, allowing Camryn no other option than to walk. She of course needs to be buckled into a car seat, luckily Dylan's is empty. When eating lunch at Dad's restaurant we have to pull up a highchair for her to sit in. She has even introduced her to both grandmas and incorporates her into their play.

I felt a little guilty at first that she so badly wants a sister, something we can no longer give her. But upon listening in our her conversations with sister, I'm starting to think she just wants someone smaller than her. She treats sister more like a daughter. Most of the time in a nurturing, mothering way. But I've started to hear some of my own words come out of her mouth! When sister does something wrong: "No, it's too late" or "that was your last chance." When sister asks for something, "Hold on a sec!" And my favorite, when it's time for sister to go to bed, "Stay in your bed or I'll shut the door!"

They say that kids who have imaginary friends grow up to be geniuses! I'm gonna go with Dylan's assessment on this one, "Camryn, sister is just an air person!"