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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Caught on film

The kids and I had a fantastic time at our friend's lake house the other day and thanks to a great friend....it was captured on film:


King of the raft!!


A little R&R

The many faces of Camryn

The amazing Dylan

Always breaking the rules
(notice Camryn's disgust at her brother's armpit fart)

We even caught a turtle!!

It's so nice to have evidence of the day. But sometimes I feel like I'm so focused on capturing the moment that I miss out on the actual moment. So I've been making an effort to leave the camera behind...but luckily Jeff found our antics photoworthy!!!

And look at that...I do exist!! Pictures of me with the kids are rare since I'm always behind the camera. It was as if we had our own personal photographer...I wonder how much he would charge to follow us around on vacation???

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