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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cleveland Bound

Every year since we graduated college, my best friend Tera and I have managed to see each other! We've taken planes, crossed oceans and driven through the night but have never miss a visit. Two husbands, three dogs and five kids later, the tradition still continues!

Late yesterday afternoon, I packed the car and loaded the kids up for the ten hour trek to Cleveland. The anticipation of seeing their long distances friends carried my giddy kids through the first hour of the drive. Land Before Time calmed them down and ate up another hour and a half. Brand new coloring books and crayons occupied about 20 minutes and electronic video games warped their minds for a good hour. Rocking out to the Imagination Movers brought us well into Pennsylvania.

At the half way point, they were definitely getting antsy so we stopped for dinner and to stretch our legs. With fast food filled bellies and empty bladders, we changed into pajamas and got strapped back into our car seats. I was counting on the magic of Walt Disney to lull them to sleep but all the action they packed into the movie Tangled kept them awake. I could start to see their wide eyes getting heavy in the glow of their screens and knew it would be minutes before I could listen to some adult music to get ME through the rest of the drive.

A half gallon of lemonade, a bag of gummy bears and more handfuls then I care to admit of pretzel M&M's had me on a sugar high and trucking along. I arrived at Tera's house just before midnight, not even drowsy in the least. She helped me unloaded my kids and get them into bed. I stared at her third baby, who I had yet to meet and couldnt wait to hold him in the morning. We assessed how much the others kids have grown since last time and chit chatted a bit before bedtime.

The kids were the first ones awake this morning so happy to be in each other's company. They having been getting along perfectly and occuping themselves so Tera and I can catch up. It's going to be a good week...I'll keep you posted!!!

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