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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Science, mishaps and exhaustion

Excited for our first day together we packed the kids in the car and headed to the Science Museum. With all five kids loaded up and ready to go, I frantically searched for my keys. Not in my purse or bag, Tera searched the house and by this time the kids were roasting in the heat of the car. As I was unbuckling Camryn to give them some fresh air she told me that her and Oliver had been playing with my keys earlier. We took both the kids on a scavenger hunt through the house to find the keys, and wouldn't you know they lead me right to them!

The prospect of traveling in 2 cars all week long and cutting into our chatting time, led us to the decision to borrow Tera's sister car that could accommodate us all. Well it could only fit us all with a certain configuration of specific car seats. Tera and I both dripping with sweat, finally figured out a winning set up. NOW we were finally headed to the museum.

It was well worth the wait:

The outdoor water area was definitely a favorite of all the kids. Oliver tried to climb into the pools, Thatcher wanted to take his clothes off and I had to wring Camryn's dress out!

As a reward for their good behavior and in an effort to keep them awake in the car ride home, we bought the kids some skittles. Well, we bought them but couldn't retrieve them!!

Even though the Skittles were gone in a flash, we managed to occupy the kids until we pulled into the driveway. That is until we realized Tera's house keys and garage door openers were in her car. With us still in her sister's car, we had no way to get into her house! We buckled the now whining kids back into their car seats and tracked her sister down at Target to get the keys.

Luckily, I had delivered pizza all the way from home so dinner was ready as soon as we walked in the door. Parker loved his first taste of Naples!!!

Full bellies gave the kids their second wind so we let them run their energy off at a playground.

And a night would NOT be complete without ice cream for dessert.

Exhaustion set in and the kids and I were sleep before our heads hit the pillows! Day #1...success!!!

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