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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kid Conversations


In the car:
Camryn: Dyl..I'm bigger than you!
Dylan: No, you are not!
C: Yep...I'm bigger.
D: I'm bigger because I'm older.
C: No, I'm bigger.
D: Cam, you know people come in all different shapes and sizes.
C: Yeah...I'm a rectangle!

At the dinner table:
Dylan: Camryn, did you know there are forks in the road, not just these kind of forks.
Camryn: Those would be dirty to eat with.

In the line at Dunkin Donuts:
(staring longingly at the photo of the newest fruit coolatta flavor)
Dylan: Mom, does that have alcohol in it?
Mom: No, it's a smoothie.
Dylan: Your smoothies always have alcohol in them.

At the park:
(Dress up, undies down and peeing on a rock in the wide open)
Camryn: MOM!!! I peed out of my vagina!!!

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