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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Astronaut Training

Dylan turned six!!! I know it's crazy, I'm hardly old enough to have a six year old. But I do...and to celebrate we had an astronaut training party at our house. This is what it entailed:

The invite

The guests got t-shirts with the Nasa logo (which I hijacked) on the front

And on the back it said: Mission Specialist with their name
The shirts were super easy and inexpensive. I grabbed a pack of Hanes undershirts and I bought printable iron-on paper for my printer. They were a huge hit!

Station 1# Astronaut Safety Test

The kids had to fill their space shuttle with the right equipment to protect their astronaut

I gave them shredded newspaper, cotton balls and bubble wrap to fill two plastic cups. We taped them together with an egg inside and dropped them off the deck to demonstrate the effects of gravity!

Station #2 Shuttle Repair

The kids had to screw nuts and bolts underwater while wearing dish washing gloves.

Station #3 Rocket Launch

Stomp Rocket

My sister (donning her official astronaut outfit from space camp) brought a water powered rocket too!
Station #4 Moon Walk

Walking around the trampoline while balancing a water balloon on a plate. Not sure it emulated walking on the moon, but what kid doesn't like bouncing on the trampoline with the added bonus of potentially getting wet??

Station #5 Moon Rock HuntA scavenger hunt for rocks that I spray painted with green glitter. They also got bags to collect them with.

The cake!!!
Dylan's two favorite ice cream flavors I froze in a bowl to shape like the moon. I scooped out the craters, covered it with fondant and used "Duff's" cake graffiti silver spray to color it!
Rainbow Jell-O was a birthday boy request

All the boys left with their shirts, moon rocks, astronaut ice cream and moon dough!


  1. I love the t-shirts... do you have a clipart or jpeg that I can borrow so that I can do the same for my son's birthday party?? Thanks in advance for your help!! FABULOUS ideas here!!