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Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to school

The kids going back to school is not an event I look forward to. It marks the end of our carefree summer days. It means another year has gone by and the kids are getting older. It's a difficult transition for everyone...mainly me!

I don't have the typical, new outfits, backpacks on, huge smile first day of school photo of my kids. Going from an eager kindergartner to a big shot first grader has catapulted my son into the "too cool for school" category. Don't get me wrong, he loves school. He just doesn't need any cheesy photos documenting it. Nor does he need me to walk him to the door. Gone are the days of wearing two straps of his backpack. Instead, he rocks the one strap carelessly thrown across his chest look!

Camryn was too busy hiding for a picture. She was so excited about the prospect of pre-school, until it was actually time to go. Similar to my post three years ago, Camryn's first day did not go so well. She was hysterical when I left her. Cried even harder when the teacher tried to console her. Finally they figured out it would be best to let her calm down on her own in a corner. In which she remained in for the better part of the day. Anxiously waiting at home, I received a phone call from the pre-school director to come pick her up early.

The good news is by the time I got there she was happily playing and I was able to sneak out before she saw me. So indeed she did make it through the entire first day....all three hours of it! Luckily, this isn't my first go around so I know drop-off will get better and that she will love school. And in two short years, she will be running for the door without so much as a glance over her shoulder too.

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  1. Ah Brooke! I want to give you a big ol'hug! I can picture you needing a night or two of gossiping over wine keeping your mind off of the stresses of back to school. Love you deary!