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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall, Fairs and Food

Fall equals fair season here in New England. So we have spent the last few weekends driving the state to go to all the local fairs. The kids love the rides (although I can't wait for them to be big enough to ride the Zipper with me), the parents love the food (chowder bowls, loaded baked potatoes, corn dogs) and we all love the animals (surprised we made it out of there without a bunny!)

The kids are getting into their school routines. I'm happy to report the novelty of 1st grade hasn't worn off yet, even with the extra workload. And little miss Camryn happily goes to school...no more tears...barely even a goodbye! In fact, she is asking to go on her days off!!!

John and I are bike riding together now that we have some free time without the kids. I'm wiping his butt into shape!! We even took Callie for a two hour hike the other day. Not on purpose...we actually got lost! After circling the same swamp area a few times, I'm just happy we made it out of there without West Nile Virus. The bugs were brutal!!

Although I miss the carefree summer days, its nice to have our routine in place. Fall is not so bad...I love sleeping with the windows open when it gets cool at night. I love the feel of my favorite jeans! The freezer is filling up with delicious soups. And I already started baking apple cakes and pumpkin bread. I better be careful or those favorite jeans won't fit for long!!!

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