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Friday, April 30, 2010

Camryn turns 2 at the zoo

They say it flys by but you never believe them until you blink and your baby is already two!

Even though it might just seem like another day to them, I always feel like we need to do something special to celebrate their birthdays. So yesterday we spent the day as a family and headed to the zoo.

Camryn was super excited to see all the animals. I was a little concerned that she was going to be disappointed when she found out she couldn't pet them all.

The whole car ride there all she kept talking about were zebras. So they were our first stop of the day!The elephants were too far away to pet!
But my two cuties couldn't resist riding on this one
PINK duckies!!! Camryn's dream come true.
Dylan was sad that one of them only had one leg....but he laughed when we showed him that's just how flamingo's stand.
Camryn almost got a birthday kiss from a giraffe
Dylan found a friend that would follow his every move
Carmyn gave it a try: "Birdie bite my finger!"
We ended our trip with pink birthday cake

(yes it was left over from her real cake that will be revealed at her party, no there was no frosting on it and yes it was in a plastic bag) But it was PINK so she loved it!!!

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