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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Strike a pose

Once the warm weather hits, our driveway becomes a canvas for my children's artwork. We love sidewalk chalk and luckily we have a long driveway with plenty of room to use. The kids usually make their own masterpieces and then tell me specific things to draw. Hopscotch, their names, flowers and shapes are frequent requests.

I recently started to scatter the letters of the alphabet in the driveway and then call out a letter and whoever gets to it first is the winner! It's a fun and physical way for Dylan to practice his letters without him even knowing he is learning!!

But when the sun is just right in the sky, we love to trace out shadows!! Dylan strikes a pose and I trace it so he can see what it looks like. The harder the pose is to hold, the better!

The thing I don't like about sidewalk chalk is that it stays on your driveway until the next rain. So when a friend stopped by on her bike and spotted our shadows she said:

"With a last name that sounds like you're in the mob, I wouldn't be outlining bodies in the cement!"

I guess I need to get in the habit of hosing down our artwork!!!

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