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Monday, April 19, 2010

O is for Ocean

I must complain to my husband on every cold day how much I hate living here. It's even rubbing off on my kids, who hate to wear coats and much prefer the outdoors. But I take for granted that we have the luxury of living on the ocean.

I remember being in college and meeting people who had never even seen the ocean and at that moment feeling so lucky that I grew up in a shoreline town. It's hard to appreciate it in the winter when it's cold and windy and the only thoughts of a beach are lying on one in the Caribbean.

Tonight, I reclaimed my admiration for the quaint New England beaches that are within minutes of my house. We picked Dylan up from school and headed for shore. I was walking Callie, Dylan was riding his bike and Camryn was perched high on John's shoulders. When Dylan stopped to rest, we all headed towards the sand. Callie took off in a sprint after a stick I tossed into the ocean. Camryn stopped to pick up every pink shell she could find and Dylan was playing tag with the waves.

John and I took a seat and watched our family just enjoy! Enjoy being outside, enjoy the beach and the ocean and enjoy each other. I watched Camryn hide her treasure of shells in a cracked piece of driftwood. I laughed as Dylan's lost his game of tag and his shoes got soaked. I smiled at Callie rolling around in the sand, trying to dry her face off.

I implemented #5 on my happiness list and just soaked it all in. I didn't worry about what time it was and how Dylan was probably going to be too tired to ride his bike all the way back to the car. There were no thoughts of dinner looming or sheet rock that needs to be put up after the kids go to bed. I was simply in the present, living the moment and soaking it up!

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