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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Run, Brooke, Run

I haven't run a race since Thanksgiving so when my sister-in-law asked me to run one I jumped at the chance. It was an MS walk/run and her friend created a team to raise money for her dad. So it was for a good cause and since I've been running, I was curious to see how much faster my time would be.

The morning of the race came and I was ready to run! But when I got there it was so different from the previous race. There was no distinction between runners or walkers, no starting line and no time clock. But in my head, it was still a race, so I ran!

I tried to get out in front early just to break away from the pack. I didn't want to be stuck behind the walkers and in the other race, there was constantly a herd so I just wanted my own space. And my own space is what I got. As I approached the half way mark, no one had caught up to me.

My husband and kids were waiting for me and I could see the confusion in their eyes. Dylan yelled to me: "Mom, did all the other runners already go by?" Words I'll never say again; "No, I think Mommy's winning!"

As I ran passed all the walkers on the way to the end, I started to feel a little silly. Should I be running at full tilt when clearly most people are walking? Is it rude to be so driven about my race time when raising money is the ultimate goal?

And the moment I crossed the "finish line" or lack there of, my concerns were confirmed. Everyone had come out for the cause, no one cared who ran or walked or how fast for that matter.

But I still did! I made a monetary contribution to the cause, so I think it's ok that I declare myself, the winner!!!

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