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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A father's son

I'm not quite sure when it happened...but my son is no longer a mama's boy...he has graduated to a father's son! All he wants to do is be with his father. I'm thrilled to sit back and witness their relationship evolve. I can see the yearning for his attention and the elation when he receives it. He wants to help his dad do everything, from mowing the lawn and building the addition to plain old rough housing and going to work to make pizza!

John couldn't be happier! He remembers the days when only mommy could do things and now it's his turn. He is taking pride in teaching him all of his hobbies. The patience he portrays while letting Dylan do things on his own is incredible. Dylan hangs on every instruction and struggles until he gets it right.

They already go on "boys only" outings and build "no girls allowed" forts. His interests are becoming less child-like and much more stereotypical "boy" activities. He is finding a camaraderie in his father that can never be equaled and one that will last a lifetime.

Watching the bond grow between them is truly amazing. Dylan embodies the cliche: "I want to be like my dad when I grow up." And what mom wouldn't be proud of that!

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