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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gas Guzzler

I left the house early this morning to grab breakfast with a few girlfriends. With all the construction going on I wasn't able to park in my garage for a few months, so I was really excited that on this extremely frigid morning my car was indeed snug in it's spot in the newly cleared out space. So I got in, placed my tea in the cup holder, heated my seat and turned off the kids' music. As I was backing out I realized my husband's car blocking me in. Apparently, he wasn't used to me parking in the garage yet either. Annoyed that I needed to leave the warmth of my own vehicle, I hopped out and quickly moved his out of my way. And off I went.

2 hours later, I returned and couldn't get my car back in the garage because of the way I had careless positioned his car. So I left mine in the driveway next to his and ran inside to see my family.

4 hours later, my husband left for work. He immediately came back in the house.

"Brooke, did you move my car?"

This question confused me because I didn't really see what the big deal would be, except maybe if I had locked his keys in the car. But no he has keyless entry, so I nonchalantly anwsered,

"Yeah, why?"

"Because you left it running....for 6 hours....and now I'm out of gas"

Stunned at my own flightiness, I replied:

"Wow...6 hours and it's already out of gas...what a gas guzzler!"

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