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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Corner Lover's Rejoice

This is the most fabulous brownie pan if you are a corner lover! It's designed to make every brownie an edge piece!!!!

On the rare occasion there isn't any ice cream in my house, I have dessert back-ups on hand. So when I opened the pantry and saw my coveted edge pan, I could already smell the brownies baking. The kids helped mix (i.e. eat) the batter and in no time the smell was permeating my kitchen.

When the oven timer went off and I peered at our delicious treat, I was baffled at how fluffy the brownies were. I didn't recall the pan affecting the consistency of the brownies last time I used it. I pulled the box of mix out of the garbage to confirm my suspicion....I had just baked chocolate cake! A very odd shaped chocolate cake.

Now with the idea of no dessert in sight again, I ventured to the grocery store. I picked up some chocolate pudding, Cool Whip and Nestle Crunch bars and turned my mistake into my second favorite dessert...trifle.

I also grabbed a box of REAL brownie mix for attempt #2 at my amazing edge pan!

1 comment:

  1. the corners are my favorite! i saw this in the sky mall magazine on the plane, haha :)