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Friday, February 19, 2010

Little Thieves

John empties out his pocket change every night into a jar and it adds up surprisingly fast. We usually roll the coins to use for spending money on our vacations. But my sticking fingered children beat me to it.

While John and I were busy with the demo of our bedroom, the kids helped themselves to our stash. I should have known something was up because they were being too quiet. Dylan came running in to get us, he wanted to show us how heavy his piggy bank suddenly was.

They managed to transfer almost every coin from our jar into his piggy bank. Not even one more coin would fit in the slot and Dylan could hardly lift it. He was so proud of his efforts:

"See...it's full! Now we can go back to Disney!"

I think I need to re-vamp my "saving up for something special" strategy! Or better yet, have Dylan teach me his!

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