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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Potty Words

What is the obsession with potty words??? Seriously, I can't stand it. I mean it's the better of two evils because I would be mortified if they knew any real swear words. But really...is it that much fun to put the word poopy in front of every other word in the English language?

We don't use the F word when referring to passing gas, we say tooting. Any noise that slightly resembles a toot sends the kids into hysterics and is usually followed by them recreating the noise with their mouths. Camryn has recently discovered that doing this gets big laughs from her brother. And she has decided that those laughs are worth a time out.

The owner of Dylan's pre-school once told us to let them say potty words as much as they wanted, ONLY in the bathroom. I tried this technique and it only resulted in them running in and out of the bathroom calling each other poppy heads and pee pee butts!!! And when potty words came into play at bath time, they reminded me that is was ok because we were in the bathroom!

I'm wondering if people still threaten to wash their kids mouths out with soap? Doesn't seem PC anymore, but maybe it is....only in the bathroom!!!

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