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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sugar Baby!

Our turkey tacos were cooking away when our gas ran out in my new stove. Luckily, my husband was prepared with a spare tank. So with him on the phone giving me instructions, I laced up my snow boots and trudged outside. While I'm knee deep in snow, under the deck trying to connect gas lines in the pitch black, Dylan yells out to me: "Alert, alert...Camryn got into the jar of fluff!" I was too busy to care if she had a little pre-dinner dessert, so I assured him I would be in in a minute to take care of it.

I was not expecting to find the Marshmellow man chasing my son around the living room. She did not just get into the jar, she became the jar.

This girl has a serious sweet tooth. Dylan didn't even taste sugar until his first birthday, but this one thinks it's a food group.

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