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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow days are not figure friendly

With all this snow it seems like my son hasn't been in school very much lately. I find it so much harder to keep them occupied indoors. Suddenly all their new Christmas toys seem old. Everyone, including myself, is tired of board games. We have used up all of our hide-n-go-seek hiding spots and our craft supplies have taken a big hit within the last few weeks.

So I turn to baking. The kids love taking turns measuring and dumping the ingredients into the bowl. Licking the spatula and snitching the batter elates them. They even hover near the oven door, switching the light on and off, watching our cookies bake. It takes up a good amount of time and the kids happily partake in the activity.

But I have no self-control. I make sure to limit the kids to 2 cookies each, to prevent tummy aches, poor eating habits, childhood obesity, etc. But find there is no limit to the amount which I consume. I grab one every time I walk by them. I grab one when I'm bored or frustrated. I grab one until I am so disgusted with how many cookies I've consumed, I promise myself never to bake them again.

Until the next snow day that is....

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