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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Move over cars and trucks

it's time for dolls and dress up clothes!!!

When I was pregnant with Camryn, I secretly hoped it was a girl. I was already dreaming about dollhouses, princesses and adorable sundresses. I didn't want to miss out on mommy daughter shopping trips, the hunt for the perfect prom dress or elaborate wedding planning.

And Camryn has risen to the occasion. She already has an opinion about what clothes to wear, wouldn't dare show her feet with unpolished toes and can incorporate accessories into any activity.
I've been racing cars, crashing trucks and building with tools for so long that sitting down for a tea party and playing dollhouse makes me feel like a girl again! It's amazing to me that she'll actually sit and play so delicately with her toys.

I'm definitely enjoying the change of pace and highly encouraging the girlness of our activities. The dynamics in the house are now equal. The boys can do their thing and now I have a daughter who wants to do my thing too!

Now if she would just grow some hair I could introduce her to a whole world of braids, barrettes and headbands.

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