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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Teaching a toddler to ski

not only requires an enormous amount of patience but also the art of persuasion.

You see, Dylan doesn't think he needs help from anyone. He is one of those kids who knows how to do everything and is already the best at it before he even starts. And since we took him skiing once last year, this year he is obviously an expert.

Since we were going for 2 days, we were encouraging him to take a lesson the first day and ski with us the second day. He would hear nothing of it. So we embarked on the tiresome journey of trying to teach him without it appearing as teaching!

Speed doesn't scare him. So getting him to keep his skis in a pizza was impossible because it slowed him down. Turn, why should you turn? The fastest way to the bottom is straight down and besides, the slushy snow stops you at the bottom. This is the attitude we were up against.

Trying to get him to focus on his form with the alluring hum of the chairlift overhead was nearly impossible. So after a morning of getting nowhere, we ventured inside for a snack. Who would have known that even the lodge would be a distraction. He couldn't get passed the array of condiments that you could pump on your sandwich. Once he created a sandwich concoction and filled his belly, he was eager to learn.

His skis formed the perfect pizza slice, he managed a few turns before falling and he could even stop! He graduated to the chair lift where he impressed us with his ability on a green circle trail.
We ended up spending the rest of the trip going down the big mountain where he was forced to use his skills. He improved immensely and we all enjoyed skiing together. And by the end of the second day he said: "I think I'm ready for lessons now!" Success!!

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