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Friday, July 17, 2009

Chips and Dip

I was going to my mom's for a picnic on the Fourth of July and she had asked me to bring chips and dip. So I sent my husband to the grocery store to get chips and sour cream to make the dip. The chips were buy one, get one so he got a bag of regular and a bag of cheddar and sour cream. I made the dip as soon as he got back and put it in the refrigerator to set. About an hour later I come in to see him and my son scooping up all the dip and gobbling half the bag of chips. Now this is all my mom would let me bring so I can't go there with a half bag of chips and a tablespoon of dip. I grab the food away from them and of course my son starts to cry.

Dad to the rescue....he snatches the other bag of chips and tears into it. When Dylan sees these orange chips he says: "Oh Mom, we don't need the dip anymore, because these chips already have the dip on them! See the orange, that's the dip!"

Of course, he got the usual laugh from mom and dad and continued to eat his "special" chips. Now that was almost 2 weeks ago but he is still talking about these things. He'll randomly bring it up in conversation with people. Today at a restaurant, he leaned over and bragged to the table next to us: "At home, we have chips that already have the dip on them!" I wonder what he would do if he knew there is an assortment of flavors too!!!

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