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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Throwing the Game

Dylan already has a competitive streak. He has to run the fastest, jump the highest and have the biggest half of whatever it may be he and my daughter are splitting. He is overly concerned about winning, even if it is not a contest. And he is not shy about pointing it out to other kids when he indeed has performed well. So I explained to him how it wasn't nice, could hurt feelings, etc. Of course, you can't change a personality trait so now when another kid is involved he'll say something like "We are both the best runner" just to appease me. So even though he was still being competitive, I felt like it was under control!

Well things took a turn for the worst. We are a huge board game family and I'm super excited that there are games that I can play with Dylan. His favorites are Candy Land, Trouble and Cootie. With all the rain we have been getting, we've been playing our fair share.

I'm not one of those parents who let's their kids win. Because really, what does that teach them? It isn't like that out in the real world. You don't always win or get what you want. It's not easy but it's true. And when he is playing with another kid, they aren't going to throw the game for his benefit. So the lesson in losing is inevitable. I thought Dylan understood. Sometimes I would win, sometimes he would win but he was genuinely having fun playing.

I guess he lost one too many times because he freaked out! He was almost to the Candy Castle when he drew the dreaded Gumdrop card, sending him all the way back to the beginning. And send him into a tizzy. He grabbed his gingerbread boy in a screaming fit and ran out of the room. Knowing exactly what the problem was, I played dumb and asked him anyway.

His response: "I wasn't going to win and I always want to be the best."

Not sure if I should be proud of his ambition or scared of it!

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