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Monday, July 6, 2009

I wanna be a big kid

Why is it that kids are so anxious to grow up? Camryn is enamored with her brother. Whatever he is doing she wants to do. And I can already see the "I don't want to include my little sister" thing happening.

Today my nephew, who is the same age as Dylan was over and naturally the boys play well together. I set the kiddie pool up and they had a grand old time splashing each other and such. Camryn was able to play along for the most part. But when the boys decided it was time to drive around the gator, meltdown is an understatement!
Dylan is usually good about taking her on rides, going slow and making sure she is holding on. But him and Matthew tool around on that thing, like it 's the Indy 500. In between sobs, Camryn was trying to chase them around the yard, wanting a ride. So when I asked Matthew if Camryn could have a turn he replied, "Yeah, she can just sit in the dumper!" Which is the back of the gator that has a huge yellow sticker that clearly states children are not permitted to ride back there. Apparently, he didn't want to give up his turn either. But babies with tears always prevail and Camryn got a ride from her big brother.

And when it was time to give the Gator a rest, more tears. Easily fixed....

Don't you long for the days when a popsicle made everything better!!!

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