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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Puppy Face

This morning I was going to go for a bike ride by myself when my dog gave me the cutest puppy dog face ever. She was waiting by the door with a face that said "Please take me with you, please, please" Just 5 short years ago, I wouldn't have ever thought to go outside without her!

I was born an animal lover. Every holiday and birthday I BEGGED my parents for a puppy but couldn't have one because my older sister was allergic. I thought the easiest solution was to send my sister packing and bring in the hounds, but I guess my parents were attached to her. So when I was a little girl my father promised me that when I graduated college, he would buy me any puppy I wanted!

So in May 2003, I graduated from Ithaca College donning a graduation cap that read "This was one expensive puppy!"And my dad held true to his word and by June I had Callie, my adorable roly-poly golden retriever!

She was my first born child! I gave her 100% of my attention. She had two hikes through the woods a day. The best dog food money could buy. I groomed her, brushed her teeth and even spent a night on the kitchen floor with her after I cut her nail too short and it bled. I rushed home from work to play with her. If I went anywhere, she came with me and if she wasn't welcome, then I wasn't going.

When I became pregnant with Dylan, people would tease me that this would be the end of Callie's reign over the house. But I knew I would never be one of those people. I loved my dog and nothing was going to change that. If my kid came out allergic, then they better invent infant Claritin because she was here to stay!

When Dylan came home, Callie was just as excited as we were!

But the hustle and bustle of having a baby kicked in and Callie had to share her attention. Her hikes were down to once a day and grooming was only done when necessary. We installed the electric fence in our yard (something I was horrified by only months before) so we could let her outside without having to keep an eye on her. But I still brought her everywhere, she still appeared with Dylan on our Christmas cards and had her spot on the couch!

Camryn's arrival on the other hand, meant 2 kids under the age of three and the house turned into complete chaos. Callie had to whine at the door to go out. I brought her to a groomer only when I noticed that her fur was matted and couldn't stand the smell of her. Her hikes were weather and children's mood permitting. Although her name appeared on the Christmas card, only the kids were pictured. If she was able to find her spot on the couch, it wasn't worth being climbed on and pulled at, so she would resort to the floor!

I could tell that she was being neglected but I still loved her just as much as the day I brought her home. And I kept telling myself that I was enhancing her life with my children. She now had someone to protect, chase after in the yard and go swimming with. She loves to follow the kids around and see what kind of food she can steal from them.

I often watch them interact and have come to realize that although she isn't the spoiled, pampered pup anymore, she gets more attention then I could have ever given her alone. She has more people that love her and is such an important part of our family!

Needless to say, her puppy face worked and I turned my bike ride into a run through the woods and Callie wagged her tail the whole way!!!

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